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developing experienced leaders

Leadership development has come a long way in the past 15 years. Back then words such as strategic leadership development, top team working, scenario planning, succession and transition management, 360 degree feedback, executive coaching, organisation development were pretty uncommon in many sectors and particularly in higher education. Fast forward and today these and many other techniques are part of the leadership development landscape across all sectors – and particularly in higher education.

Back then it was mostly about individual development. Today its much more about demonstrating impact and creating meaningful outcomes for individuals and organisations.

Given this changing context we believe the need now exists for a different approach to the development of experienced senior leaders. For this group it is increasingly less about a programme and more about a highly personalized package tailored to their specific needs and less likely to be a pre-packaged collective process.

Leaders and their sponsors are a much more informed bunch. They often know what they want and they often know what a successful package of support looks like. So is there an alternative to a conventional program? Indeed there is and we are now offering the Personalized Strategic Leadership Program (PSLP).

The approach is bespoke, the concept and process unique and the experience we intend to make long lasting and impactful. In this section you will find further details of this unique experience. This approach complements our approach to leadership and management development where the design is more pre-determined. For further details of our work in this area please see